DENVER (CBS4)– A new Walgreens store in Denver is hoping to quench the food desert by selling fresh produce.

The new store opened Friday morning at 35th and Colorado. It’s one of the few stores in the neighborhood that will stock fresh fruits and vegetables.

Although there are other stores that may sell fresh food they may be located too far away for economically-challenged families to travel.

That leaves a shortage of options for fresh, healthy food like yogurt, fruits and vegetables.

There are aisles in the new Walgreens that are filled with that kind of produce. The general manager is excited about the opportunity to stock the kinds of food people want most.

“So this community is really lacking the opportunity for a place to go shop for veggies and things like that when it comes to groceries,” said Walgreens Store Manger Keith Joyner.

Is there something that we need or they want for the store, I can probably get it for them, especially in the line of produce. I can have it for them the next day.”

Walgreens hopes this store will help the company branch out into selling perishable groceries at more of their locations.


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