Denver Diner incident

Denver Diner incident caught on camera in July 2009. (credit: CBS)

DENVER (CBS4) – Kevin Devine, one of two Denver Police Officers fired over a 2009 incident at the Denver Diner, has taken some sizzling parting shots at the Denver Police Department and one of its top commanders in a letter obtained by CBS4.

“I cannot in good conscious(sic) continue to work for a Department that allows its senior chain of command to be so vinidictive(sic) and self -center(sic) as to use its officers as political stepping- stone for advancement,” wrote Devine in a letter to Police Chief Robert White, dated Sept. 27. “I find Deputy Chief Quinnoes’s(sic) actions on this matter most disgraceful. How was he able to determine facts that others did not still amazes me.”

A judge ruled last month that the City of Denver was right in firing Officer Devine and a second officer, Rick Nixon, for their conduct in the Denver Diner incident in July 2009. A widely circulated videotape showed the officers pepper spraying and using force on several women who were involved in an altercation inside the restaurant. The city agreed last month to pay the women in the case a total of $360,000 to settle their lawsuit which claimed they were punched, shoved, dragged and the victims of excessive force. The city also contends the officers were deceptive in reports they filed following the incident.

Both officers were reinstated by Denver’s Civil Service Commission but Judge Elizabeth Starrs reversed that decision saying the men had made deceptive statements about what transpired.

Officers Devine and Nixon have never spoken publicly about the case, so Devine’s four paragraph letter is the first glimpse of how he views what happened and the involvement of Deputy Chief David Quinones.

His letter, filled with misspellings and grammatical errors, reads, “In 28 years in uniform, both military and 18 yrs. In Law Enforcement I have never had a discipline issue in my jacket. As of this date I will, as I have been for the past 7 yrs., be a honorably retired Detective with the NYPD’s Emergency Service Unit. I will no longer have to bear the shame of telling people I am a Denver Police Officer.”

Devine concludes his letter to the Chief by writing, “I wish you the best of luck trying to repair the damage that people like David Quinnoes have done to your department.”

CBS4 attempted to reach Devine for clarification of his letter via email, but he has not responded. His attorney told CBS4 he was familiar with the letter but had no further comment.

CBS4 also attempted to reach a spokesperson for the Denver Police Department regarding Devine’s accusations but an email and phone message were not immediately returned.

LINK: Devine’s Letter

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