BRIGHTON, Colo. (CBS4) – The trial is underway for a Commerce City police officer accused of killing a dog.

The moments leading up the shooting of the dog Chloe were captured on video, which was played in court on Monday.

This video was taken by a 12-year-old neighbor as he watched from his parent’s home. He was also the first witness on the stand.

Prosecutors say Commerce City Police Officer Robert Price shot and killed the dog last November after police received a call of a loose and aggressive dog wandering in the residential neighborhood.

Price is charged with aggravated cruelty to an animal, a felony.

The defense said the incident is a case of Monday-morning quarterback — trying to deconstruct Price’s decision to use deadly force. Prosecutors said if it wasn’t for the video the officer would have gotten away with the shooting.

The case has caught the attention of animal advocates who have also shown up in court for the trial.

“It’s a very gory case, so if that was my dog I don’t – I don’t even know I will be able, as an observer, to look at some of evidence. And that being your dog, your best friend, that’s just heart-wrenching,” animal advocate Juliet Piccone said.

Chloe’s owner was in court but did not want to comment. He is from Pueblo and when the incident happened his dog was actually being watched by a family in Commerce City.

The trial continues Tuesday.


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