Written by Dr. Dave Hnida, CBS4 Medical EditorI’m not much of a wine guy, but it seems that on that rare occasion when I have what I think is a small, minimally alcoholic beverage– heck, I feel like I could use a nice nap about 20 minutes later.

A new study may explain the phenomena.

It comes out of Iowa State and finds that the shape of the glass, what color the wine is, and where the glass is when poured plays a big role in how much booze you’re actually consuming.

In this case, the eye is slower than the pour.

When a wide glass is used, people fill it up with more wine.

When people drink white, or light-colored wine, they tend to fill the glass with more.

And when someone holds the glass for the official pouring, it just seems to keep on flowing.

Therefore, that one to two heart healthy “glass” of wine may be what’s giving you a nice little headache the next day. Or in my case, a chance to catch up on my rest.

The advice for the most accurate our, according to the researchers:

Pour red wine into a narrow glass sitting on a table.



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