DENVER (CBS4) – The battle of the sexes takes center stage during “Defending the Caveman” and everyone leaves laughing.

“Defending the Caveman” is a show that has rolled through town any number of times before, but it continues to entertain audiences while striking a chord about the difference between men and women.

The show is Rob Becker’s one man comedy that takes on male sensitivity, political correctness relating to the women in our lives, and just what it means nowadays to be a guy — in other words — he takes us to the real place where we all secretly live.

“I think the only thing you need to enjoy this show is to have loved someone enough to be frustrated by them at some point. What I love about this show is it’s a very funny look at how we’re different, and it’s very fair and balanced,” actor Cody Lyman said. “At the end of the night one of my favorite things is sneaking out and watching people leave the theater arm-in-arm.”

As played in this production by Lyman, of Durango, the show is a spot-on take of what guys are — and what they are always apologizing for.

“That’s what I love about this show; it’s very funny, but it’s got a lot of heart to it too – a lot of truth,” Lyman said.

Lyman creates a character not quite as lumpish as Becker, and in doing so, gives the show a fresh edge while making it his own.

“Defending the Caveman” originally was set to run through Oct. 27 at the Garner Galleria Theater but it has been extended to Nov. 3.

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