DENVER (CBS4)– There are some big changes coming to Denver Restaurant Week including a bigger price tag.

The popular dining event in the Mile High City included upscale restaurant meals for just $52.80 per couple and half that for a single. But it was putting a strain on restaurants and limited their menu options.

Now Restaurant Week is splitting into two separate weeks at different times of the year– one winter week and one summer week. That increases menu options while reducing the strain on the bottom line.

Even though everyone loved the $52.80 price point, at least the customers did, and it was a nice tie-in to the mile high moniker, in terms of portions and options it wasn’t so great.

Now the price will go up to $60 per couple and $30 for a single meal.

In addition to the new prices Denver Restaurant Week will consist of two 7-day events. The first will be in February from the 22nd to the 28th. The second will run August 23 to the 29.

The $60 price per couple does not include tax, gratuity or drinks.


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