Many of you know already that a passion of mine is working with the MS Society and the local chapter President – Carrie Nolan.

One of my best friends, Andrea Lindsley, was diagnosed with MS more than 20 years ago.

Before treatment was offered.

Andrea is doing wonderful, and since becoming her friend ten years ago, she inspires me to live my life a little more “involved.”

Sometimes I do that wonderfully; other times not so much.

Today I had the pleasure of being the Emcee for the MS on the Move Luncheon and the keynote speaker shared her story.

Like my friend Andrea, Ronda Giangreco has Multiple Sclerosis.

She was diagnosed in her 50’s and with the diagnosis she thought her life was over.

Boy was she wrong.

She quickly discovered – through her own desire to do something outside of her own misery – that her life was anything but over.

In fact – just the opposite.

Her life was about to become more “inspired.”

If you have a moment, click on her name and learn more about her story.

I hope you’ll find her as inspiring as I did.

She said a lot of things today that resonated with me.

Maybe the biggest thing that kept ringing in my head – was this – stop thinking about doing things and just “do.”

Do for yourself, do for those you love, do for your neighbor and do for a stranger.

Sometimes we look at struggles in our life as “curses.”

And those struggles might fit that description – but often I have found that those curses are often tied to blessings.

Big, bold “beautiful” blessings that change our lives and certainly the direction they are heading in.

Thank you Andrea for touching my life – leading me to the MS Society – and the inspiring woman who spoke today.

It’s time to not just be inspired – but be inspiring!


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