EVANS, Colo. (CBS4)– It didn’t take long for the flood waters to move across fields in northeastern Colorado but the effects will be long lasting.

“Farming’s never been easy. It’s just a little tougher right now,” said farmer Ron Frank.

Frank and his family have been farming in Weld and Logan Counties for more than 120 years.

While the majority of his corn fields survived the flooding he knows the coming days will be very important.

“You just can’t get in the fields. It’s too wet and some of the fields are still flooded,” said Frank.

That’s the case for most farmers in that area. If things don’t dry out soon it could take its toll on Colorado’s economy.

The USDA ranks Weld County as eighth in the nation for the value of agriculture products sold. That includes corn, sugar beets and other produce.

Once the fields are dry enough to harvest there is the issue of getting it to those who want to buy the produce.

“The bridges are out so logistically it’s going to be tough to get the corn where it needs to be,” said Frank.

For now he and his neighbors are holding out for the best.

“Things will work out. It’s just day by day, hour by hour and week by week right now,” said Frank.

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