JAMESTOWN, Colo. (CBS4)– Jamestown, the small community in the mountains of Boulder County, has been cut off since last week when flooding destroyed every road and bridge into and out of the town.

On Thursday Copter4 was finally was finally able to fly over the devastated area up Left Hand Canyon which included smashed and splintered homes, cars and missing roads and bridges.

The James Creek and Left Hand Creek converged in that area which left portions of Jamestown completely destroyed.

Copter4 showed homes hanging from the banks and foundations washed away.

One home the living area was snapped away from the garage and left hanging over the creek.

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Debris also littered the entire stretch of creek in one area where home after home was damaged.

One man died in Jamestown during the flooding.

The town’s mayor allowed residents to return with proper identification.

Some people who were allowed past the road block said the devastation resembled a tornado, destroying one home but leaving the one next door intact.

“Lost houses on both sides of us. Probably at least a dozen houses will not be habitable when this is all over. I don’t think it’s going to be many people sticking it out. Right now it’s probably about 20 or 25 still,” said Jamestown resident Leon Hill. “Some of the houses that were destroyed, it took the land with them so they don’t own a piece of land anymore to build on.

Hill said one of the main sticking points is the amount of erosion.

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