GLEN HAVEN, Colo. (CBS4) – A couple who owns a home in one of the communities that was hit worst by flooding in Larimer County says while they were trapped in their mountain town they used downed trees to cross raging waterways and rope lines to make their way up muddy banks.

Doug and Sandy Grice initially stayed in their house in Glen Haven because they figured it could withstand any flooding.

But then the waters from the Big Thompson River jumped their banks and flood waters began eating away their land. The water overtook a footbridge and then washed it away.

Glen Haven

An image from Doug Grice’s video from Glen Haven. (credit: Doug Grice)

“It kept going and going and going and at any given time we thought ‘It’s over; it can’t get any worse,’ but it did get worse and it did keep raining and the water did keep coming,” Doug Grice said.

Doug Grice filmed from his porch during the destruction, capturing the historic flooding up close. His video shows the water levels rising even higher, slamming into the side of his home up to the windows.

Doug Grice's video from inside his home. (credit: Doug Grice)

Doug Grice’s video from inside his home. (credit: Doug Grice)

“Why stay?” CBS4’s Stan Bush asked Doug Grice.

“Why stay, that’s a good question. Because of the love for my home, without a doubt. And my dedication to my home,” Grice said.

The Grices wound up stranded in the area along with dozens of other residents for three days, and they had to improvise in their attempts to get around. Downed trees became walking bridges for residents to get around and a rope line was the only way up to the Grices’ home.

“When we went back down you could still hear the wood hitting the house, but we knew the structure was sound,” Sandy Grice said.

No homes washed away in the area, but those in Glen Haven whose properties wound up completely surrounded by water were rescued by National Guard helicopters.

The Grices were finally able after three days to let their loved ones know they were okay and came down to the Denver area.

Flooding aftermath in Glen Haven

Flooding aftermath in Glen Haven — some residents used a zipline to get across a creek. (credit: Marsha Hobert)

Flooding aftermath

(credit: Marsha Hobert)

They say that despite the fact that their town is forever changed by the flooding, they’re not planning to relocate.

“It’s my home and I love it. We belong there. Obviously, we belong there,” Sandy Grice said.

There’s currently no running water or electricity in Glen Haven. The Grices say some of their neighbors plan to return home despite that fact.

Colorado Floods: How To Help

The recent floods are impacting families and communities throughout Colorado, so CBS4 has compiled a list of ways you can support the local communities impacted by the floods.


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