EVANS, Colo. (CBS4) – People in an Evans mobile home park are cleaning up after flood waters swamped them on Friday.

Michael Brunelle now carries his life in two black garbage bags.

“There was water all the way up past the stove, so probably about halfway up the walls. The walls, if you lean against them, they just fall apart,” Brunelle said.

City leaders said about 200 mobile homes were destroyed when the waters raged through. Approximately 2,500 people were displaced. Now Brunelle has more fears.

“We’re staying over in Greeley right now, and they’re shutting down roads over there right now, so I’m hoping we don’t get flooded over there too,” he said.

Flood victims packed a community meeting on Sunday to figure out their next step from city leaders.

Evans’ waste water system has been down which means residents can’t shower and are under a “no-flush” order. But officials say the water is safe to drink.

“I’m just worried about how much more it’s going to come up,” resident Clifford Johannsen said.

Johannsen doesn’t want any more problems. He measured new rainfall on Sunday afternoon with a stick.

“It’s about 4 inches from what it was about 1 ½ hours ago. Hopefully everybody paid attention to the warnings and gets out,” Johnson said.

As more rain was falling Brunelle tried to keep his spirit afloat.

“I hope and pray for everybody, that everybody pays attention to the warnings and gets out,” he said.

City leaders said showers are available at the work-release facility in Greeley. Leaders are also warning everyone to stay out of the flood waters. They say it contains hazardous materials, including raw sewage, fuel and oil.


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