Wayne Winsett Superman No. 5 comic book ruined by flooding (credit: CBS)

Wayne Winsett Superman No. 5 comic book ruined by flooding (credit: CBS)

LONGMONT, Colo. (CBS4) – Some homeowners are taking advantage of any break in the weather to get the cleanup process underway. CBS4’s Karen Morfitt spoke with a Longmont man still sorting through the damage.

Cleanup has already begun for some neighborhoods ravaged by flood waters.

“There are piles of stuff like this in every single yard if you go looking. It’s just horrible,” said Wayne Winsett, whose basement flooded.

Mounds of water-soaked belongings line the driveways of at least a half a dozen homes off Allen Drive.

“I wanted to save as much stuff as I could,” Winsett said.

Winsett calls the pile in front of his home trash now, but before flood waters filled his basement the pile of trash was going to be his retirement.

“I found a copy of Superman No. 5 (comic book) from 1939 that I had. I thought I had high enough and in a nice drawer, and it’s gone, it’s just destroyed,” he said.

Winsett’s home sits nearly a mile from the river. He never imagined the water would reach his front door, but it did, spilling from his front door to his basement where his life’s collection of comic books, action figures and other memorabilia were stored.

“You can’t describe it, there are no words,” he said.

Even with the amount of damage and loss, Winsett and his family have endured and he’s thankful for what he has left.

“It’s everywhere. It’s not just me. A lot of people have it a lot worse than I do,” he said. “Hopefully, you know, it won’t get any worse. We’re just praying that, you know, the worst is behind us now.”

The city distributed 34 dumpsters in Winsett’s neighborhood so people can start removing any ruined property.


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