MILLIKEN, Colo. (CBS4) – The newest areas to be inundated by flooding are east in Weld County.

People won’t be traveling along Highway 267 in Milliken anytime soon. The town is nearly surrounded by the water.

The flood water washed away part of Highway 267, severing it in half. The road keeps giving away more and more.

People’s lives and their livelihood are now put on hold until the water can recede. Jorge Garza and his family were evacuated Friday morning.

“The fire department said Milliken is an island but I found a way out,” Garza said.

When Copter4 flew over the small town it spotted a family of three and their dog being rescued from the rising water. A motorized raft carried them to land where they were met by rescue crews.

The farm town has turned into a lake with campers, fields and cars submerged.

Roads throughout Weld County are closed forcing people to zigzag around in their cars with ultimately no route home. Gina Rodriguez thought she took a safe road back to Longmont but ended up in waist high water.

“All of a sudden I hit the water and then I stopped. My car stalled and I couldn’t move anymore,” Rodriguez said.

It took firemen 30 minutes to pull her from her submerged car.

“I almost fell a couple of times just with the current. It was just scary. It didn’t seem real,” she said.

Garza is thankful he and his loved ones found a way out of the small town that now looks like an island.

“You don’t know what’s going to happen. I never expected to see stuff like this in Colorado,” Garza said.

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