LAFAYETTE, Colo. (CBS4) – Crews in Boulder County rescued three people from vehicles that spilled into a creek after a stretch of Dillon Road collapsed after a night of flash flooding.

Emergency crews rushed to to the scene, near the intersection of Highway 287 and Dillon, at 6 a.m. after reports of the flooded out roadway came in.

Rock Creek flooding washes out Dillon Road on Sept. 12, 2013. (credit: CBS)

Rock Creek flooding washes out Dillon Road on Sept. 12, 2013. (credit: CBS)

When a CBS4 crew arrived about 20 minutes later several cars were still floating in the swollen, muddy and fast moving creek and a man was being helped onshore after being rescued. Approximately 20 minutes after that two authorities in an inflatable raft used ropes to guide them close to a sedan which was on its back in the water. It wasn’t clear if there was a person who was alive inside.

“We were able to use ropes to stabilize the vehicles first and then we had the rescue boats and we were then able to break in,” said Sara Farris, North Metro Fire Rescue District spokeswoman.

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When rescuers were able to tip the sedan on its side and crash open a window of the sedan it was apparent a man was inside and alive. They quickly handed the man a life vest.

Moments later the car tipped back upside down and as floodwaters were rushing into the car the two rescuers opened the car door.

The victim was then pulled out and taken to the shore of the creek and then helped to a stretcher.

Farris said that when the road originally collapsed several people were able to get out of the water quickly but that three were stuck in their cars and had to be rescued.

“When we got here the road had been eroded from all the excess rain that had been coming through the area. And so we were able to stabilize the cars. There was a victim in each car. We sent rescue boats out and were able to rescue the victims,” Farris said.

Three people were taken to the hospital with injuries.

“Fortunately they only had minor injuries and we’ll assume they’re okay,” Farris said.

“We’re always given extra challenges when we get to a scene. Nothing is ever one way or the other so we just adapt and we do the best to get everyone out there and have a positive outcome,” Farris said.

VIDEO: Watch 7 Minute Long Video Of The Rescue

Officials with Boulder County’s Emergency Management office posted the following warning: “Motorists are reminded that conditions remain dangerous throughout the region. Do not get in a car and drive unless absolutely necessary.”

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