DENVER (CBS4)– Some call it a less harmful alternative to tobacco and others believe it needs more study. Whatever the opinion the use of e-cigarettes is definitely on the rise.

The cigarette is electronic. A battery heats a nicotine solution and creates a vapor that’s inhaled. It’s tobacco free.

“There’s no second-hand smoke at all and you don’t smell like a burning cigarette anymore,” said Vaper Tech E-Cigarettes owner Danny Im.

E-cigarettes started smoldering when they were first introduced 10 years ago. Now the trend is on fire.

The e-cig industry could generate one billion in revenue this year. Vaper Tech E-Cigarettes opened for business in June.

“It’s surprisingly good,” said Im.

He said sales have doubled each month. His store carries 100 products and makes the nicotine liquid called “E-Juice” in nearly 50 flavors.

When asked if these e-cigarettes are marketed to kids, Im replied, “No, they are not.”

A Centers for Disease Control and Prevention study shows that the use of e-cigs has more than doubled among teens in the U.S.

“It feels as almost we’re taking a step back with this product,” said Colorado Quit Line Medical Director Dr. Amy Lukowski.

“It has not been deemed a tool to quit,” said Lukowski.

Im would argue that electronic inhalers are helpful.

“About 70 percent of my customers cut down cigarette usage by about half within the first week,” said Im.

“I think it’s a product that needs more studying,” said Lukowski.

Health experts said despite the rise in sales among e-cigarettes, it’s best to stick with proven methods to stop smoking.



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