BRECKENRIDGE, Colo. (CBS4) – A beagle is making a recovery after she was brutally attacked during last week’s USA Pro Challenge bike race.

The scene was so violent a nearby sheriff’s deputy had to shoot and kill one of the attacking dogs.

Richard Miller, owner of the 15-year-old beagle named Heidi, has been taking his dog to the animal clinic in Breckenridge every day to have dead skin removed by the veterinarian. What actually made the situation worse for Miller was because of the bike race he had to wait 30 minutes after the attack before the road opened so he could make it to the clinic.

As the crowds gathered last week in Breckenridge for the race it was no different on Carroll Road and Highway 9 just below Hoosier Pass as families waited for the racers.

“I saw two big dogs intent on something and it happened to be my dog. There was not a moment’s hesitation on their part, they just went in and it was the most violent thing I’d ever seen,” Miller said.

“Concerned for the safety of the bystanders and clearly the safety of what’s taking place with the dog,” Summit County Undersheriff Derek Woodman said. “The deputy took control of the situation and ultimately ended up shooting and killing the pit bull.”

The dogs came from a nearby house. A pit bull named Shining Star was killed. The dog’s owner, Chris Crumbliss, he says it’s an unfortunate situation all around because his family lost their beloved pet as well. Crumbliss was issued several citations related to having a dangerous dog. He and Miller have never spoken.

“I will say he has come through with some restitution for the vet bills. The vet bills are astronomical,” Miller said.

Since last Tuesday Heidi has been getting daily treatment. She still has signs on her head of puncture wounds and staples on her front leg.

“I didn’t think she was going to make it. In fact I was wondering if there was some way I could get her out of her misery if she kept getting worse and worse up there,” Miller said. “I can’t get that scene out of my mind. I’ll probably go to my grave with that sight. It was horrendous.”

Crumbliss said there was a bear in his back yard that broke his fence the night before the attack. He believes that incident with the bear and the bells and air horns along the bike route really riled his dogs.


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