AURORA, Colo. (CBS4) – An 18-year-old woman who fled after allegedly killing her mother now faces formal first-degree murder charges.

On Friday morning a judge ordered Isabella Guzman, of Aurora, to be held without bond at the Arapahoe County Jail. Police captured her on Thursday afternoon after getting a tip.

Investigators remained on the scene of Guzman’s home on the 2600 block of South Lima Street Friday morning and say they could be there for several more days analyzing evidence.

Isabella Guzman

Isabella Guzman (credit: Aurora Police)

Court documents say Guzman’s mother, Yun Mi Hoy, had been stabbed dozens of times in the face and dozens more times in the torso on the upstairs floor of the home. Police discovered Hoy’s body on Wednesday night after responding to the home on an emergency call.

“That officer described a pretty gruesome scene,” Aurora police spokesman Officer Frank Fania said.

Fania said officers were not expecting to see what they found when they first arrived at the home on Wednesday night.

“We got the initial call, it was a family disturbance. It wasn’t a stabbing or a lady who, you know, needed immediate medical attention,” Fania said.

The incident was apparently the second time police were called to the address that day. A witness told CBS4 a young, a tall brunette woman was outside the home on Wednesday with a baseball bat and that she broke a car window. It’s unclear if that was Isabella or not.

In Guzman’s arrest papers the words “you will pay” stand out. Guzman allegedly sent that message to her mother in an email the day before she’s accused of brutally murdering her.

Robert Guzman, Isabella’s father and Hoy’s ex-husband, said he got a call earlier in the day Wednesday from Hoy indicating trouble between her and their daughter. He said things had been tense between the two women for some time.

“She was really scared, so I told her that, ‘Yeah I would go talk to Isabella just to try to make things better,’ ” said Robert Guzman, who says he did talk to Isabella, but something else apparently happened.

“I still can’t believe that this happened,” Robert Guzman said on Thursday. “It’s like a nightmare, and you don’t wake up from it.”

Officers arrested Guzman after spotting her near a parking garage that they were searching on South Parker Road. Someone had called police with a tip that they saw something suspicious in the parking garage.

A female neighbor told CBS4 that she called police once about the goings-on at the home because she had concerns about men jumping over a fence on the property. She said she later learned it was Guzman’s boyfriends visiting the home who were responsible.

LINK: Guzman Affidavit


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