LAKEWOOD, Colo. (CBS4) – Police in Lakewood say a teenager is accused of starting a massive fire at an apartment complex in Lakewood Friday night because he was mad at his father.

Police now say the fire followed a physical fight between Jalen Berg, 19, and his father that involved kitchen knives and a baseball bat.

The fire broke out at the Lakewood Estates Condominium complex on West Atlantic Place. Authorities evacuated the entire building and some people are still not allowed to go back home. Fire crews say six of the units got extensive damage from the fire.

After the fight police say Jalen Berg’s father, James Berg, left with his girlfriend to go to a store. They told police that when they returned the apartment complex was fire.

An arson investigator along with a fire dog found 10 different points where the fire had been set and they found accelerant throughout the Berg apartment.

An arrest affidavit says the father and son had been fighting after the son forgot to pick up his father from work. Jalen Berg has allegedly accused his father of being a drug dealer. He said he did not start the fire but police don’t agree.

Neighbors say the father and son have been a chronic problem in the complex.

Jalen Berg is facing a number of charges including first-degree arson, 14 counts of attempted murder for the people home at the time, and child abuse for the children inside.

Jalen Berg has an extensive arrest record including possession of dangerous drugs and carrying a concealed weapon.

LINK: Read The Arrest Affidavit 


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