THORNTON, Colo. (CBS4) – The state health department is reporting two new human cases of West Nile virus. Both are in Delta County in southwestern Colorado. That makes three confirmed cases now in Delta County and three to the north in Larimer County.

There’s been a preemptive strike to kill mosquitoes before they can spread the virus. Crews in Thornton sprayed a park at 123rd Avenue and Colorado Boulevard in advance of an event scheduled to be held there Wednesday night. Other communities in Colorado have already been spraying city-wide.

Colorado Mosquito Control is a company that works with communities all across the state to control the population of mosquitoes and monitor their levels.

With all the recent moisture it seems it would make the problem worse, but experts say that is not the case. Despite all the recent rain Colorado Mosquito Control says it’s not too concerned about an increase in the bugs and says all of the rain might have helped wash away some of the eggs and larva. They say problems start when the temperatures heat up after a lot of moisture.

More good news is that September is not too far off. Those cooler temperatures mean it’s time to hibernate and the mosquitoes spend most of their time storing up on food supplies like nectar rather than biting people.

Colorado Mosquito Control says they also sprayed a park in Commerce City earlier Monday evening. They will be treating the entire community of Erie later in the week.



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