GREELEY, Colo. (CBS4)– A Greeley woman has been missing for more than three years, now there’s a break in the case. Three people have been arrested in Nepal where she disappeared while hiking.

Aubrey Sacco’s parents have mixed reaction to the news. They’re also only getting bits and pieces of information from the country halfway around the globe.

“In the last 12 hours we have been on a serious roller coaster ride,” said Paul Sacco.

Paul and Colleen Sacco woke up to the kind of news that makes your heart stop.

Three years after their daughter vanished while hiking in Northern Nepal, a Nepalese news agency reported that three people had been arrested in connection with her disappearance.

“They allegedly admitted to murdering our daughter,” said Paul.

In 2010 the news that Aubrey went missing triggered a massive search involving people from all over the world, many of them identifying with the Saccos.

“It is surprising how many people out there have little girls,” said Paul.

The Saccos have traveled to Nepal and put up posters and offered rewards. They’ve also received bad news and false leads along the way.

“We don’t know if our daughter is alive or if the report is correct. We are in a terrible position because many of the news stories that come out of Nepal are not accurate,” said Paul.

The Saccos said in recent months the police in Nepal have for the first time taken the case seriously.

“It was kind of like they said, ‘You know, these guys aren’t going away. This family is not going away,'” said Paul.

The Saccos said they will not have closure until they know for certain what happened to their daughter.

“You just have to hope that it’s not the answer. You know, it is easier to get up in the morning knowing that your daughter is somewhere and is just fine. And you know that is what we have carried in our hearts all this time,” said Colleen.

With the 12-hour time difference they are hoping to reach police in Nepal on Friday night to get more information.

In the area where Sacco went missing in April 2010, it was the end of the trekking season and few other backpackers were in the area.

The three suspects were arrested Thursday in Rasuwa, near where Sacco went missing, and were being questioned.


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