DENVER (CBS4) – Two men charged in a deadly rampage at a Denver bar last fall pleaded guilty on Tuesday.

Five people were stabbed before Fero’s Bar on Colorado Boulevard was set on fire on Oct. 17. Those killed were Young Fero, the owner of the bar, Teresa Beesley, Kellene Fallon, Daria Pohl and Ross Richter.

“We have five innocent people who were brutally murdered. They were minding their own business late one evening at a neighborhood bar,” said Denver District Attorney’s Lynn Kimbrough.

Police said the victims were stabbed to death repeatedly, and that Brothers Joseph Hill, 27, and Lynell Hill, 25, and another suspect made away with $170 from the victims.

Joseph and Lynell Hill both agreed to plea deals in city court on Tuesday, and Joseph managed to avoid the death penalty in the process.

Joseph Hill pleaded guilty to one count of first degree murder for each victim.

A first class felony would typically carry a sentencing range from life without parole up to the death penalty, but the judge said part of his agreement is that prosecutors will not pursue death.

Lynell Hill pleaded guilty to aggravated robbery, arson and added on the charges of second degree murder naming each victim. He will face up to 70 years in prison.

Both Hill brothers will be sentenced early October.

The third defendant in this case, Dexter Lewis, will be in court Thursday. The DA’s office has until Friday to determine if they will seak the death penalty for him.

Fero’s Bar is still up for sale nine months later.

(credit: CBS)

(credit: CBS)


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