(credit: Rocky Mountain National Park)

(credit: Rocky Mountain National Park)

ROCKY MOUNTAIN NATIONAL PARK, Colo. (CBS4) – There have been several mud slides in Colorado’s mountains and foothills this week near burn scars with the recent heavy monsoonal rain showers.

(credit: Rocky Mountain National Park)

(credit: Rocky Mountain National Park)

Rocky Mountain National Park officials shared photos on Friday morning of damage done to a trail by mud slides near the Fire Lake Fire burn area.

The trail that was damaged was the lower Fern Lake Trail on the east side of the park. A two mile section of the trail is now closed until further notice.

Officials said the debris from the slide covered about 150 yards of the trail and was four feet deep in places. They said no one was hurt during the slides.

Park officials shared the following notice: “Backcountry users can still access the Fern Lake trail above The Pool via the Cub Lake route.”

They also warned that hikers enjoying the park should pay careful attention to weather forecasts and plan accordingly.

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During the monsoon period, Colorado sees a rise in daily afternoon and evening showers and thunderstorms.

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The Fire Lake Fire exploded in December and forced evacuations for a short time, and continued to burn for many weeks.


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