DENVER (CBS4) – If you’ve been around downtown Denver you have probably noticed some rather large pieces of art being assembled. It’s all for the Biennial of the Americas.

The biennial is a celebration of the arts and culture of the Americas.

On CBS4 This Morning Gov. John Hickenlooper said this is really about celebrating our relationships.

“We’re building the foundations to expand economic trade. Canada is our No. 1 trading partner and Mexico is No. 2. We always keep talking about China and India and looking to Europe, but it’s a little bit like that old American movie where the girl next door has pigtails and thick glasses and the hero gets into trouble and she rescues him. And she takes off the glasses and let’s her hair down. That’s what the rest of the Americas are to the United States. They are the girl next door. We just don’t appreciate her.”

If you’d like to check out some of that large art you will find it at Speer and Larimer, at two locations on the 16th Street Mall and at 15th and Welton.



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