DENVER (CBS/4) – People living in Stapleton are fighting crime in their neighborhood together even though some have never met. It’s all thanks to a smartphone app that keeps people informed.

Mark Mehringer can walk through his Stapleton neighborhood and know what’s going on in the area with only his smartphone. He uses the “Nextdoor” app that keeps homeowners connected even though they might not know each other.

“It makes it good for neighborhood watch. You’re out walking the dog and you see something suspicious you can post to the site wherever you are,” Mehringer said.

Nextdoor can be used online or through the smartphone app. Neighbors like Mehringer have found it helpful to find out about crime, events, neighborhood issues or even sell unwanted items to someone around the block.

“We actually this morning just sold a stroller, Snap ‘n Go stroller to our neighbor, and that worked really well and I was able to work with them through the app,” Mehringer said.

In order to use the app people must register using their home address to verify that they actually live in the neighborhood. Mehringer said that he’s seen neighbors use it to report stolen items and other neighbors have joined in to help find them.

“A neighbor in another neighborhood had his bike stolen,” he said. “He immediately posted it on Nextdoor and shared it with the nearby neighbors and somebody down the street … then saw a car going by with the bike hanging out of it.”

Nextdoor gives Mehringer an added sense of community. Whether he knows his neighbors personally or not, the app makes him feel in touch with those around him. The more people use it, the safer he feels the neighborhood will become.

“Having that type of immediate neighborhood watch is very powerful.”

Nextdoor is a free app. Information about specific neighborhoods is kept private and is only accessible to registered neighborhood users.

LINK: Nextdoor


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