DENVER (CBS4) – Peyton Manning will be back with a vengeance this season.

That’s the prediction of former Washington Redskins great Joe Theismann, who was in Denver on June 27 for his induction into the National High School Hall of Fame.

Theismann told CBS4’s Gary Miller before the ceremony that with the talent assembled in Denver, the Denver Broncos have a chance to go to the Super Bowl.

“Based on last year’s performance when you think about where the Broncos were, Peyton coming back off the injury, the addition now of Wes Welker, the draft that they’ve had, the young players they’ve added to their football team, I think the Denver Broncos win the AFC,” Theismann said. “Overall, across the board, you won’t find a better football team.”

Theismann said that Manning and his teammates should embrace the high expectations that are being placed on them by NFL analysts nationwide.

“If you don’t set an expectation for yourself you’re never really going to accomplish it,” he said.

Theisman, a quarterback who saw plenty of success in the NFL, said he thinks Manning’s body wore down a little bit last year. He said that was expected after his neck injury and the extensive rehab he went through. He said he doesn’t expect the same thing to happen again in the 2013 season, despite Manning’s age.

“Anytime you take some time off, you mentally think you’re at that same level. But when you watched him play you and you know what kind of athlete he’s been, you looked at it and thought ‘He’s a hair off,’ ” Theismann said.

In addition to Theismann, Denver native and NBA player Chauncey Billups and 11 others were inducted in the National High School ceremony.