DENVER (CBS4) – A mix of firework bans and a hot dry weather has some locals canceling their fireworks displays, but not everyone is shutting down the show. People can still experience a spectacular music and fireworks display on Independence Eve in front of the City and County building right in the heart of the city.

“There are very few things in the world that you can experience like that,” said Angel Light Pyrotechnics owner Larry Darrington.

Darrington is responsible for assembling and producing all of the fireworks that go into the choreographed show. The fireworks are designed to accompany and bring to life the music of the Colorado Symphony. Darringtion sees himself as just another member of the orchestra.

“Basically my instrument becomes the pyrotechnics,” said Darrington describing his role. “I actually am taking the cues right off the conductor just like the rest of the band.”

Planning and setting up the roughly nine minute firework display does not happen overnight. The family owned Angel Light Pyrotechnics has been working on the show for over 10 months. Angle Light Pyrotechnics start with a computer simulation to make sure the show is ideal for the City and County Building. It all adds up to a lot of work for the Darrington family.

“All new show, add more fireworks, we’re nearing the 8,000 shots mark for the show,” says Darrington as he prepares a few charges. A total that Darringtion says adds up to about 13 shots per second.

Darrington is assisted by his wife Ginger who helps protect and prep every charge. The Independence Eve show is planned to go on rain or shine, which makes the Darrington’s job a little more difficult. It is Ginger’s job to make sure that all of the pyrotechnics are weather protected.

“If we get some thunderstorms roll through I won’t be sleeping very well the few nights before,” says Larry Darrington. “We still have to take a lot of safety procedures.”

Regardless of the weather the Independence Eve celebration looks to be one of the most spectacular displays in the state this holiday. Ginger Darrington hopes to use the gift of fireworks to create a memory that will linger in the minds of those lucky enough to see the show.

“We want to make people’s 4th of July the most spectacular that they could ever experience,” said Ginger Darrington.

The unexpectedly intimate setting of downtown Denver combined with close seating makes this nine minutes ones you will not want to miss. The show is free to the public and seating is on a first-come, first-serve basis.

SECTION: Independence Eve

– Written by Josh Christensen for


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