LAKEWOOD, Colo. (CBS4) – New details have emerged about what might have led to a Lakewood man’s murder.

Police say Ryan Boyd Hicks, 34, killed his roommate, 49-year-old David Noren, in May and they believe they know why.

Hicks now faces two first-degree murder charges in the death of Noren. Court documents say Hicks committed aggravated robbery during the crime. They also allege that Hicks stole his roommate’s “wallet and contents, credit or debit cards, phone, keys, car or clothing” all by the use of force. Then Hicks struck Noren with a “knife,” according to the documents. Hicks is also charged with stealing Noren’s identity.

Noren disappeared May 19. His body was found three weeks ago in Clear Creek County. During the search Noren’s employer, Mike Matchinsky, told CBS4 that Hicks seemed unconcerned about his roommate’s disappearance.

“It just didn’t seem like there was a whole lot of urgency like, ‘Hey, this guy’s missing, his dog’s here, he left me with the dog, we should be looking for him,’ ” Matchinsky said. “There wasn’t any of that.”

Hicks has a long criminal history, including convictions for robbery, fleeing from law enforcement and second-degree assault. After learning that Hicks would face murder charges, Matchinsky was clear.

“I hope they throw him away for a long time — never sees the light of day. I hope the justice is swift,” he said.

David Noren (credit: Lakewood Police Department)

David Noren (credit: Lakewood Police Department)

Hicks was being held in Arizona on unrelated charges and was extradited Colorado to face the new charges. He will be back in court July 12.


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