EL PASO COUNTY, Colo. (CBS4) – Investigators searching for the cause of Colorado’s most destructive wildfire have searched a home that’s near the apparent point of origin.

The Black Forest Fire exploded on June 11 and killed two people. It destroyed more than 500 homes in the Black Forest area north of Colorado Springs. So far all authorities have said is that the fire was human caused. They haven’t said if there was some sort of controlled burn that got out of control or something else that triggered it.

The location where officials say the point of origin is falls in a part of the burn area that has been called the Shoup Road Corridor. Some homes on Shoup Road still stand while many others are nothing but a pile of ashes.

Strong winds whipped the fire when it broke out and the flames fanned out in a scattered way.

The home that was searched Monday does not appear to have been damaged. If it has clues as to how the wildfire started investigators aren’t saying.

The Jensen family’s home nearby still stands, although the fire did get into their backyard. They were viewing the destruction from their car on Monday when a CBS4 crew interviewed them about the search for a cause.

“We’re all anxious to hear what it was. We heard it was caused by humans,” Randy Jensen said.

But they want to know how and why the blaze began.

“It’s just amazing that all the other fires were started by lightning — a lot of them, and just what the devastation is, so we don’t know yet. We’re anxious to hear,” his wife said.

In addition to wiping away homes, the fire left downed power lines and melted fences, and now where some homes once stood signs stand with words of appreciation for the firefighter’s efforts.

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