DENVER (CBS4) – A company CBS4 recently reported on is now in legal trouble.

The Finest Duct Cleaning Inc. has been getting complaints from customers, and on Friday was ordered to stop doing business.

All over the metro area residents tried to have their air ducts cleaned, but they allegedly ended up paying hundreds of dollars more than they thought, and now the company is being sued by the state.

It seemed like a good deal at the time for Joe Guerrero.

“The coupon was supposed to be for like $56,” Guerrero said. “It was supposed to be all the vents and one main.”

But when The Finest Duct Cleaning arrived, they told Guerrero it would cost $780 to clean all his vents. He balked and they agreed on a price of $415, still more than seven times what he expected.

“It did kind of bug me a little bit, but I needed it done,” Guerrero said.

He says the work they did do was shoddy.

“They were pretending to kind of do the work, but not really.”

Guerrero is not alone. The attorney general has now filed a civil lawsuit and obtained a temporary restraining order against The Finest Duct Cleaning. Guerrero is one of 37 people who have filed complaints about the company with the Better Business Bureau.

In most cases the customer bought a “Groupon” deal for $59 and then was told the actual price was at least $300 higher. The company claimed there were additional necessary services and said the customers then signed a contract.

“I don’t think that it’s right for them to continue in business if they’re going to continue to cheat people out of money,” Guerrero said.

The company no longer has a deal with Groupon. The Better Busines Bureau says the company has resolved all but two complaints.

“Lesson learned on my part and hopefully lesson learned on their part,” Guerrero said.

CBS4 tried to reach the company’s owners, but the calls were not returned

The attorney general’s office says it has ongoing investigations into other air duct companies with similar complaints.

LINK: Better Business Bureau


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