DENVER, Colo. (CBS4) – A judge needs more time to make a decision on whether to grant a permanent restraining order against a man accused of making racist threats against a state lawmaker.

Franklin Sain allegedly sent threatening emails and a letter with racial slurs and threats to state Rep. Rhonda Fields, D-Aurora.

Fields told the court she fears for her life. Her attorney says Sain has made it clear he hates her and wants to hurt her, which is why they want a permanent restraining order against him.

“When you combine raging bigotry with access to lots of weaponry, that’s a prescription for problems, problems we don’t want Rhonda Fields to have,” Fields’ attorney Craig Silverman said. “We want Franklin Sain to stay away from Rhonda Fields.”

They want the order even if it means barring him from the state Capitol. Sain’s attorney Siddhartha Rathod says it would be precedent setting.

“It doesn’t matter whether that’s their intention or not. It’s one of the effects of such a type of restraining order, and that’s why the courts in these types of cases. And it’s why it’s never happened before has given it such a high standard of scrutiny,” Rathod said.

In a similar case a Boulder court denied a permanent restraining order against a man who had threatened a city councilman saying it would silence his political speech.

A temporary restraining order against Sain expires July 9.


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