DENVER (CBS4) – The Chairman of the State Board of Parole is being replaced in that role and will be taking a $6,000 per year pay cut, but the move is apparently not related to issues with Evan Ebel or a number of other parole board decisions that have been highlighted in CBS4’s “Justice Failed” reports.

“It wasn’t connected,” said Eric Brown, a spokesman for Gov. John Hickenlooper, who makes parole board appointments.

Dr. Anthony Young has been director of the parole board for two years but will be stepping down from that position July 1, but will remain as a parole board member. He will be replaced as head of the board by Brandon Shaffer.

Brown confirmed the parole board changes but said Dr. Young and other parole board members were informed of the changes in mid February, roughly a month before issues with Evan Ebel and questions arose about the release of other parolees.

Parole board members are paid $92,196 per year while the chairman of the board is paid $98,712 annually.

Brown emphasized ‘there is no connection’ between the personnel moves and Ebel and multiple parole issues. He said the change was made “so we can have an orderly transition over the next year,” before Anthony Young’s term as a parole board member expires.

– Written by Brian Maass for