DENVER (CBS4) – The Denver Comic Con at the Colorado Convention Center is more popular than ever and is bringing a boost to tourism in the Mile High City.

Comic book fans crowded the convention center for this year’s Comic Con. They were dressed as everything from Superman, to Catwoman and the Spectre.

“Just came to enjoy Comic Con, get dressed up and just enjoy all the comic book aspects of it. I’m a collector,” a man dressed as the Spectre said.

Now in its second year, Comic Con is proving to be a huge tourism boost for Denver.

“It really is becoming so much more popular here and bringing more people in to spend more money, stay in our hotels and bring economic impact,” Jayne Buck with Visit Denver said.

The crowds were so much larger this year the lines were wrapped around the building with people waiting to get in.

“I was here last year. I actually had a booth, but this year it’s a lot of people, it’s insane,” said Tristan Davidson, who was dressed as Superman.

PHOTO GALLERY: Comic Con 2013

Many people traveled to Denver just for the event.

“Well, we know that the group contracted four hotels for their VIPs and the fans, expecting not as many as they’ve gotten, I’m sure. But we’ve also seen lots of hotels outside of that block of hotels being seen and used by Comic Con attendees,” Buck said.

(credit: Evrod Cassimy)

(credit: Evrod Cassimy)

“I think it’s great. I think it’s great because there’s always been a Comic Con New York and San Diego. Now it’s in between and I think it’s just great. A more homey feel,” Davidson said.

Superman and the other attendees hope it continues to grow in the Mile High City and bring in the much needed weekend business.

“We’re hoping it keeps coming and adds more money into the coffers of our economic tourism driving machine,” Buck said.

Ticket sales were up more than 40 percent from last year.

Comic Con continues at the convention center on Sunday.

LINK: Denver Comic Con


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