DENVER (CBS4)– Some Medicare clients have been targeted in a recent scam where a caller tries to issue them a new card. Law enforcement said that’s not why they’re really calling.

Betty Evans believes she was targeted in the scam.

“This call came in, a very invasive call,” said Evans. “I think he was trying to get my bank identification so he could get into my accounts.”

The man called Evans claiming he was going to improve her Medicare card. He said this was a better card because it offered dental and vision coverage.

Evans said she was surprised when the man was able to provide her with her current address.

“Then he said, ‘Which bank do you have your Social Security in?’ and I said, ‘What is your next question?'”

Evans wasn’t the only person getting these calls. The JeffCo District Attorney’s Office was hearing from other Medicare members as well.

“Everyone 65 and older has Medicare so we’re talking about a large pool of people and even if they’re making random calls they might get a hit accidentally on the Medicare issue,” said JeffCo DA Fraud expert Cary Johnson.

Medicare is not sending out new cards and will not inquire about bank account information over the phone.

If you or a family member receives a call that is believed to be a scam, report it at 1-800-MEDICARE 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.


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