DENVER (CBS4)– Gov. John Hickenlooper signed into law three bills aimed at protecting victims of violent crime.

He signed the bills Tuesday afternoon.

One denies parental rights to convicted rapists if a child is conceived from the rape.

One rape victim said the new law gives her peace of mind, “This means a lot. It just means, at least I can sleep a little bit more at night knowing that it’s not another thing that I have to worry about is this guy who hurt me coming after the child, is he going to try to ruin my life.”

The second bill signed into law will ensure victims of crime will be notified when an offender is released. Federal grants helped create Colorado’s victim notification system but not ongoing costs. This law relieves the local expense and allows the state to shoulder the program’s ongoing costs by creating an appropriation from the state General Fund.

“This system provides an invaluable service and invaluable information to victims and their families,” said state Rep. Bob Gardner, one of the bill’s sponsors in the House.

The third bill signed into law creates stricter punishments for those involved in human trafficking.


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