DENVER (CBS4) – In Colorado and across the nation, Memorial Day is a time to take a step back and reflect on the men and women who sacrificed so much. Everyone has different plans on Memorial Day, and many paid a visit to Fort Logan National Cemetery on Monday.

“I think we need to keep that tradition going,” Fern Bray said.

Bray and her grandson Jacob make the pilgrimage to the cemetery as a Memorial Day tradition.

“I think it’s a process. It’s something you start when they’re little, Jacob’s age, and understanding people had lives, and we want to remember those people,” Bray said.

They come to feel the presence of Jacob’s great-grandfather who fought in World War II.

“It’s a feeling of remembrance, a small amount of sadness since they’re not with us anymore,” Bray said.

Some wiped away tears while honoring those who sacrificed their lives for our country in the ceremony.

“We all just love him and miss him dearly,” said Jennifer Clinkscales about her father, who served in Korea and Vietnam. “Our freedoms are not free, and these servicemen and women in some cases sacrifice their life for our freedoms and liberties. I just have the utmost respect and honor for them.”

Jacob may be too young to understand, but when he gets older will know his great-grandfather was a fallen hero.

“These people helped form who we are and how we can pass that on to the next generation,” Bray said.

The Boy Scouts placed flags on over 100,000 gravestones at the cemetery as a way to make sure the brave souls rest well.


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