ARVADA, Colo. (CBS4) – Police have issued a warning for homeowners in Arvada after several burglaries.

The thefts are happening in the Five Parks and Whisper Creek neighborhoods in West Arvada. Homeowners are making sure they take precautions so they don’t become victims.

Arvada police say when residents leave their garage door open or car door unlocked they’re making themselves a target.

News of the crimes has the community on high alert.

Kent Quillen isn’t the type of guy who takes chances.

“I’m putting lights up and hook up cameras for watching the neighborhood and my house too,” Quillen said.

There have been about five cases since Wednesday and another 11 reports of rocks being thrown through windows.

“Thank goodness we haven’t been targeted yet,” resident Victor Rodriguez said.

Rodriguez’s peace has been shattered.

“It’s concerning. We have an alarm, so we have some additional level of security, but I’ve been thinking about changing the locks, putting a bump lock on the doors, things like that,” he said.

Meanwhile, Quillen will be keeping a close eye on things.

“I’m hoping it slows the crooks down. Hope they think the neighborhood is watching each other and taking care of it,” he said.

Officers say these types of crimes spike in the summer, so they’re reminding everyone to lock their cars and keep garage doors shut.


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