COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo (CBS4) – The sole survivor of a mass shooting in 1993 is tired of talking about the man who changed his life forever.

“Every time I have to speak on this, it re-opens wounds,” said Bobby Stephens.

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Stephens was 20 at the time of the shooting. He was picking up some extra hours at the Chuck E. Cheese restaurant where he worked when gunman Nathan Dunlap came in to rob the store. Dunlap shot and killed Sylvia Crowell, 19; Ben Grant, 17; Colleen O’Connor, 17; and Margaret Kohlberg, 50.

Dunlap also shot Bobby Stephens in the face, but didn’t kill him. Stephens lay wounded and bleeding until the robbery was over.

Dunlap was convicted and sentenced to death for his crimes. Now, 20 years later, Dunlap learned he will live at least a while longer. Gov. John Hickenlooper announced on Wednesday he’s granting a temporary reprieve of Dunlap’s execution.

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“I feel that this is all about Nathan right now. I feel that Nathan has received more rights and more privileges than any of the victims family’s or myself,” Stephens told CBS4.

Stephens says he feels blindsided by the governor’s decision and he calls it back door clemency. Stephens vows to continue the campaign for the execution of Nathan Dunlap with Colorado’s next governor.

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– Written for the Web by CBS4 Special Projects Producer Libby Smith