DENVER (CBS4) – A thief stole a bag full of body armor belonging to a military serviceman at Denver International Airport on Saturday.

“It’s my understanding was that it was approximately $50,000 worth of equipment, no weapons inside, so that was a good thing,” Raquel Lopez with the Denver Police Department said.

The bag also included holsters and uniforms.

“That’s always a concern for us when somebody is not supposed to have it and they end up having it in their possession,” Lopez said.

Security cameras focused on United’s carousel 16 captured an image, but not much else.

“The only thing we have is it was a male wearing a baseball cap,” Lopez said.

Police are investigating to see if it was an isolated case, or if there have been other bags stolen.

“I have not heard that it being a common thing, where, you know, that somebody has actually taken somebody else’s luggage,” Lopez said.

A DIA spokesman said it was the only incident on Saturday. He added that he has not heard that there are any major problems with stolen luggage.

** Monday May 20 a.m. Update **

Denver police on Monday morning made an arrest in the case. They say airline employees tipped them off that Wagner Timothy Huber was at the airport trying to sell items from a bag that had been reported stolen.