DENVER (CBS4) – Denver police stepped up security in light of what happened in Boston during Sunday’s Colfax Marathon that drew several thousand people to Denver’s City Park.

The marathon started and ended at City Park. Still fresh on the minds of everyone was the recent Boston Marathon bombing.

“We keep going, you know? Through hard times you keep going. It doesn’t slow us down and you shouldn’t scare us into not coming out to do important things,” runner Leslie Logan said.

Logan’s boyfriend Jordan Hall was one of many who proudly wore a Boston t-shirt. Each marathon runners’ number also had a blue and yellow “Boston Strong” ribbon on it. People are still showing support for the victims.

“There was a guy coming in at the end and he was running, ‘Boston! Boston!” Hall said.

This year, however, the Colfax Marathon was a bit different. Denver police sent out an advisory asking people not to bring backpacks, large purses, briefcases and other large containers. They’ve even stepped up security along the route.

“Since I live up the street I’ve heard the helicopters and seen the police out early this morning barricading the streets and patrolling up and down the neighborhood,” spectator Becky Richardson said.

“There are police officers everywhere, so I’ve noticed that definitely,” spectator Chelsea Audin said.

PHOTO GALLERY: Colfax Marathon

With extra security measures in place, the spectators and runners didn’t let fear stop them from attending the event.

“I feel completely safe and I’m from the Boston area,” Audin said. “There’s definitely a raised awareness and seeing the police everywhere, I feel comfortable with it.”

“I’m not going to change the way I do things because of some isolated incident,” Richardson said.

Denver police said their advisory was a request and not a ban. People carrying large bags or containers were subject to a police search.


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