DENVER (CBS4) – Denver detectives were set to meet on Friday with a nanny accused of shoplifting to determine if she should face child neglect charges.

The woman was caught shoplifting on Thursday at a Home Depot store in Denver’s Stapleton neighborhood. She allegedly was trying to take $20 worth of items when she was caught.

At that time, police said she told store employees that there was an unattended toddler in her car.

“She was then detained, and at that time she did let loss prevention know that there was a toddler in her vehicle,” Denver police spokewoman Raquel Lopez said.

Store employees found the child and quickly called for emergency help. The child’s mother was also called to the scene, and was able to take the uninjured toddler home.

“The toddler was out there approximately 8 to 10 minutes,” Lopez said.

The nanny was given a citation for shoplifting and released.

Police said that even though the child wasn’t hurt, it could have been a dangerous situation on a hotter day.

“You don’t ever want to leave animals or kids, elderly, anybody like that in the car. It’s not safe. It’s not good for someone to be in the car,” Lopez said.


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