Written by Dr. Dave Hnida, CBS4 Medical EditorSorta sounds like a sorry, sad country music ballad: “Poop in my Pool.”

But that’s precisely the topic of a new study by the CDC — the amount of poop germs in public pools. There’s a lot of it.

Researchers analyzed the germ content in 161 pool in the Atlanta area — pools of all types — and found that 58 percent of them had unhealthy levels of E. Coli and other fecal bacteria.

Fecal means poop.

And poop in pools means people have been heading for a swim after not cleaning themselves properly after a #2 in the bathroom — or a direct deposit has been made (usually by a little kid).

No, Sandlot fans, that’s not a candy bar in the deep end.

Swallow some of this water, and sure, you might get sick. There’s not enough filtration or chlorine in the world to turn some of these public swimming pools into a pond of pure Rocky Mountain spring water.

It’s gross. And don’t think that its only Atlanta’s problem. Researchers believe the same findings would be the rule in any area of the country.

So the advice from the CDC:

Shower with soap and water before entering the water.

Don’t go for a swim if you’ve had diarrhea.

Watch those kiddies. Take them out every hour for a potty break.

And diapers? Please. Don’t.

Finally, don’t drink the water. It’s not just swimmer ear that might be in store — but swimmer’s tummy. What a way to ruin a day or several.




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