AURORA, Colo. (CBS4) – There was a lot to clean up in Aurora on Thursday morning after lightning hit a tree, stripping it clean of bark and flinging branches across a home.

The strike happened near 6th and Moline, and the worst of the damage appeared to have been from a soundwave created from the blast.

A woman and her baby were at home when the blast hit and her husband Matthew Czap told CBS4 she ran screaming through the house to find the child.

The damage inside is immense, according to homeowner Czap.

“A whole bunch of windows are blown out and inside our house stuff is off the walls. The blast wave was so strong you could feel it houses down from here. I’ve had people tell me that all the way down at Alameda and Havana they could hear the blast,” Czap said.

Alameda and Havana are located about a mile and a half from where the tree was struck.

Zap says his wife is doing okay but is exhausted after Wednesday night’s scare.


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