GOLDEN, C olo. (CBS4) – Graduates at the Colorado School of Mines can expect even better paying jobs as the face of the graduating class is changing.

Across Colorado girls are being prepped in high school to consider studying engineering. It’s part of the STEM program, “Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.”

It appears to be paying off. At the School of Mines graduation there are more women receiving their diplomas than ever before here. Their engineering degrees are carrying them to near and far away places.

“Women are going all over the world and they’re going all over the country,” Jean Manning-Clard with the School of Mines Career Center said.

“I’ll be working in water resources,” a female graduate said.

“I got a degree in civil engineering with a structural emphasis,” another said.

The “M” on the mountain might just as well stand for money. The grads are commanding impressive starting salaries.

“We’ve seen about 16 of our salaries over $100,000 at the bachelor level,” Manning-Clard said.

Edward Aponte is an aeronautical engineering major at School of Mines. He is already hoping to steer his young daughters into the field.

“They know more than I knew when I was at that age,” Aponte said.

Most of the graduates, both men and women, say it wasn’t a question of finding a job, it’s a matter of choosing which offer to accept.


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