DENVER (CBS4) – Lawmakers wrapped up their four-month-long session at the state Capitol and they were able reach a hard-earned agreement on how to regulate recreational marijuana with time to spare.

One of the last bills to be approved was the sweeping pot regulation bill. The key provisions are as follows:

– The bill allows residents to grow up to six plants in their homes, but collectives and co-ops are prohibited.
– Grow outside is allowed, but it must be in a locked building.
– Pot can only be used in a home. Marijuana clubs or bars aren’t allowed.
– Landlords can prohibit pot like they do smoking.
– Mobile pot retailers are outlawed as is any marketing of marijuana that has a chance of reaching children.
– During the first nine months, only medical marijuana dispensaries will be allowed to sell recreational pot. After that, people could apply for license if they are a Colorado resident and haven’t had a felony in five years.
– Cities are barred from operating shops.
– State regulators will set caps on how many licenses will be issued and how much pot can be grown to discourage cartels.

The Department of Revenue will implement many of the rules by July 1.

Also on Wednesday lawmakers gave final approval to a bill that will ask voters to approve a 25 percent tax on pot. If that fails, licenses to grow or sell pot could cost in the tens of thousands of dollars to cover enforcement.


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