DENVER (CBS4)– The Roller Derby moms made it to the final four on The Amazing Race and the heat is on to win that $1 million prize.

On CBS4 News at Noon Mona and Beth talked about the alliance of the other teams which leaves them all alone.

“At this point we are pretty used to it. We’ve been running the whole race. Joey and Megan and everyone else was against us. It’s old news,” said Mona.

“We definitely knew we were the underdogs and we were fighting. We didn’t really understand why they U-Turned us because we were not the strongest team at the time. But that was their choice. It ended up working out for me and Mona at least. We stayed in,” said Beth.

We had such a good relationship with Joey and Megan and to end up competing against them was a bummer.”

Mona and Beth also talked about sticking together as a team and not letting the little things get in the way.

“When you’re together 24/7 for that many days, for us to bicker as little as we did really says a lot about our relationship. We really did not get into it. Tensions are running so high, we were lost, neither of us had any idea of where we were in Germany. That was super frustrating. We were not mad at each other. We were just frustrated and you so saw that come out,” said Mona.

“We are used to competing with each other. That’s what we do for fun. We’re in an intense situation all the time. When things got crazy it might have looked like we were snipping at each other but we’re used to that in that relationship. We work well as a team,” said Beth.

The moms also talked about their next challenge in Ireland although it’s understandable they couldn’t reveal too much.

“Ireland was bone-chilling cold,” said Mona. “Drizzling and raining the whole time and freezing. But it’s beautiful there. We got to go to the Titanic dock.”

“The dry dock where they built the Titanic in Ireland which is really neat,” said Beth.

Watch the 2-hour finale of this season’s The Amazing Race on Sunday, May 5, on CBS4 starting at 7 p.m.


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