DENVER (CBS4)– Travelers should expect more airline fees as they plan their summer trips and most may not even realize that those fees are tacked on until they get to the airport.

“When you buy tickets with Frontier Airlines you can upgrade to the Classic fare which includes among other things the in-flight entertainment,” said traveler Jim Beetham.

Beetham said he felt cheated.

“The lack of the ability to take a few personal possessions as a carry-on,” said another traveler.

Frontier Airlines will charge travelers for coffee, tea and soft drinks if they purchase a ticket on a site other than Frontier. There is also a $25 to $100 fee for baggage for the same reason.

Southwest Airlines continues to offer two free bags per person but its modifying the cancellation policy. As of May 10, passengers must cancel their ticket before the flight leaves for its destination or the entire value of the ticket will be lost.

Samoa Air asks that passengers declare their personal weight during booking and the ticket price is tied to weight.


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