DENVER (CBS4) – Many parents wonder how to teach their children about money. Should their allowance be tied to household chores? Should they force them to save their money? 4 On Your Side Money Saver Suzanne McCarroll found out some parents and children are meeting with financial planners to learn fiscal responsibility.

Most people think of a financial adviser as someone who helps with investments and budgeting. That’s exactly what some financial planners are doing with the preteen and teen set.

Jonah Lujan is an aspiring movie star. He wants to produce, act and make a lot of money. But in real life his mother is the director, and she wants Jonah to have a script for spending and saving.

“Go buy some candy, maybe go to the amusement park or something like that,” said Jonah about what he likes to do with his money. But he’s know what he should really do. “I should save it.”

That’s where financial planner Nick Richtsmeier comes in. He is seeing mistakes in the 20-something set that he hopes to prevent in Jonah’s generation.

“Lots of debt, bouncing from job to job, having trouble kind of finding a consistent work history,” Richtsmeier said.

He says they spend more than they earn.

If Jonah turns out to be the next Steven Spielberg, he’ll need to save and invest. He’s already worried about a reversal of a fortune that he hasn’t yet earned.

“Because if I don’t know about finances I could end up living on the streets, living by every paycheck,” Jonah said.

He is thinking way ahead. The first free financial seminar for children and parents is Thursday night. For more information, visit