DENVER (CBS4) – Work is well under way to return Union Station to its full glory and make it the heart of the city of Denver’s regional transit system.

But while construction is ongoing, some trains — very small ones — are off their tracks.

“We’re removing pieces of the display that we’ve had down in the basement of Union Station for over 30 years,” explained Chris Rand with the Platte Valley and Western Model Railroad Club.

Those pieces belong to that club’s display and are just one of the model railroads that have been housed at Union Station.

Renovations mean the models need to move into storage.

“It’s construction lighting,” Rand explained. “It’s very much to the point we are not allowing anyone but the club members down there to do the disassembly.”

A spokesperson with Union Station told CBS4 the move is necessary and it is working with clubs to find acceptable space for storage and potential permanent exhibit space. However, right now it’s unclear what will happen to the models when construction is complete.

“Eventually, hopefully there will be a place for us to go,” Rand said. “We’re not quite sure where yet.”

While that hunt for a permanent home continues, Union Station says it does hope one of the larger model train clubs can leave part of the display up during construction.


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