DENVER (CBS4) – A law to protect rape victims is one of the few bills easily making its way through the Colorado Legislature.

It would prevent a rapist from having parental rights if the victim becomes pregnant and keeps the child.

CBS4 Political Specialist Shaun Boyd reported on the bill on Friday, and seeing that report prompted a young victim to reach out to CBS4 with her story.

“I was walking back from a friends house, looking at my cellphone and not thinging about a thing,” said Nichole Adame.

Adame was describing an incident four months ago in Arizona. It was the night the 23-year-old was kidnapped and raped by a group of men. A month later Adame found out she was pregnant.

“I still have flashbacks and nightmares and I can’t even manage myself. Do I even give that child a good home? It’s really hard. It’s frustrating and confusing and i’m just really confused,” she told CBS4.

Adame hopes the bill under consideration will protect her in her new life in Colorado.

“I didn’t even know that it was possible for someone to commit such a henious crime and then fight for custody of the child,” she said.

Her attackers were arrested, but Adame says one of them still tried to contact her after the incident.

The bill legislators are considering effects cases with convictions after July 1. It forces rapists to pay child support. Sponsors say an amendment to the bill also keeps some rapists from knowing a child was ever born.

The bill is almost certain to pass. It’s final hurdles include a House Appropriations Committee hearing and then a vote by the full House. So far, not a single legislator has voted against it.

If the bill passes and is signed Adame says she’ll be there, and hopes it will empower other victims.

“I hope that somebody can see me or what I’m talking about and think, if they haven’t come forward, there’s still time.”

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