DENVER (CBS4) – A Denver Broncos player has a brand new outlook now that he won’t lose sight of the ball. Offensive tackle Orlando Franklin will never lose his contacts on the playing field again.

Franklin, 25, says despite his record on the field he relies on his corrective lenses to see clearly.

“If my mom was standing five feet away from me I probably wouldn’t be able to tell that’s my mom,” said Franklin.

Franklin said in the past, his eyes have kept him from playing.

“Two years ago, my rookie year when we were playing Minnesota Tim Tebow scored a touchdown and then we were all excited so he head-butted me in the end zone and my contact popped right out of my eye,” said Franklin.

He was temporarily sidelined.

“I’m tired of living that life where if one of my contacts comes out I have to get out of the game,” said Franklin.

Franklin decided to have his contact lenses permanently implanted in his eyes. It’s a treatment option for those who are so nearsighted they can’t have LASIK.

Franklin’s eyesight is so bad he can’t see without strong contacts or thick glasses.

Through a tiny incision, Denver Broncos team ophthalmologist Dr. Starck Johnson inserts the very thin lens under Franklin’s iris, the colored part of the eye.

In less than half an hour Franklin can see clearly, “I came in seeing blurry and now I can see people’s faces.

“I could play every game, every snap now.”

Franklin had the surgery on Tuesday and went back to practice on Wednesday, although he has to lay off the weights and stay out of the hot tub for a little while.

LINKS: Visian ICL | Lincoln Surgery Center


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